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Episode reviews: Bart the Genius

All the submitted reviews for Bart the Genius (7G02). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.30.

I quite like this episode - watching it nowadays you can really see a nice charm from it. Gotta love the gradient backgrounds - quite noticable in this episode!

I loved this episode, from the start with Bart's interesting scrabble word "kwijibo" to at the end when he goes back to being a regular dumb kid.
I can admit that the animation is not great, but what can you expect, its the first season. Of all the very early episodes that are focused on bart, this on is the best.

Great Episode!
Although the voices could be better...

bart thinks hes a grnius

Better than last episode

Fun episode. Seems better than the last one with one brilliant joke. Also Bart spelling 'Kwyjibo', which isn't a word, Homer chasing Bart around the house twice and Bart in his room naked were funny.

Loved it

Good episode. The animation was terrible - and that brought this episode down.

bit corney

Good to see Bart never change since the beginning,but this episode isnt the best episode I've seen.It had some funny moments,but its not great.