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Episode reviews: Dumbbell Indemnity

All the submitted reviews for Dumbbell Indemnity (5F12). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.61.

it may not be the most popular episode but 'dumbbell indemnity' is a great episode that you can watch again and again and again. Moe Syslak is getting fed up of his non exsistant love life so homer decides to take him to several bars so he can meet someone. After having unsuccessful conversations with people on the dancefloor and a bacardi saleswoman, homer and moe call it a night. on the way back they meet a friendly plant stall woman, Renne (played by famous filmstar helen hunt)and a nervous moe asks her out. Desprate to impress and make Renne feel like a million dollars,Moe constansly uses his club card on her but eventually maxs it out as he discovers when attempting to order flowers by phone.Moe reels homer into a money making scheme so he can spend more on Renne which involves chrashing his car for insurance money.Moe takes Renne on a cruise while homer gets ready to destroy the car (on railroad tracks)but homer gets tempted by a chimp film in a drive in movie place so he loses track of time and misses the train that would of destroyed the car so being his dumb self he drives it off a hill/cliff near where the cruise boat is. he jumps out of the car but a slope in the hill/cliff rolls him back into the car. the cruise moe and renne are on is held by the police so its not long before they notice him heading for the sea.they arrest homer.After some hinting from renne, moe decides to take renne to hawaii after he promised to bail homer out.homer's family come to visit and when they leave he still can't believe that moe hasn't come. scared of prison exercise, homer panics. hans moleman (who is a prison libarian in this episode) comes into his cell and homer picks up a book ('how to tunnel out of prison') and says 'hey this could come in handy' and hits hans moleman on the head with it and runs out of his cell. moe starts packing for his holiday with renne when he sees a ghost of homer despite the fact he's still alive and has second thoughts on the holiday. renne comes out of the ladies in moes tavern and moe becomes very hesistant driving her away.Moe sets the bar on fire and the fire spreads qucikly making it hard for him to escape. when renne leaves it moves on to a scene with homer on a libary book trolley moving down a pavement saying 'must kill moe weeeeeeeeeeee! must kill moe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' homer bursts in to the tavern and starts beating up moe but the fumes knock them out. barney saves the day though (and two beer kegs) homer and moe make friends again after talking and with no tavern and business homer decides to let moe use his house for a tavern for a bit.

overall a great episodes with funny scenes and scenairos!

If you watch carefully the police station is next to moe's tavern, the place where king toots music store normally is!