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Episode reviews: Two Bad Neighbors

All the submitted reviews for Two Bad Neighbors (3F09). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.17.

This in my opinon is the best Simpsons episode ever! Homer, who was changed to just a stupid jerk, did work being stupid. He was stupid and funny!

My all time favourite episode...EVER!

It worked on so many levels, and, I have to admit, the producers actually suceeded in managing to get Homer to be both stupid AND funny.

My favourite parts included Homers "Barking Up The Wrong Bush" quote, and the bit where Bart and Homer had stuck the wig on Bush, and he went to his meeting, then he asked if anyone had any questions, and everyone put their hand up, and he said "keeping in mind I have already explained about my hair" and everyone put their hand down again.

Great episode. Best ever. Even after watching it 6 times.