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Episode reviews: Secrets of a Successful Marriage

All the submitted reviews for Secrets of a Successful Marriage (1F20). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.10.

Good Episode

good one

-Marge suggests that Homer enroll in an adult education course to sharpen his intellect. Homer's friends are teachers, so he requests an instructing position instead. He is hired to teach a course on marriage. Homer soon realizes that he doesn't know how to run a class, but when he reveals personal secrets about Marge, the class pays close attention. Marge finds out Homer is divulging personal information and kicks Homer out of the house. She refuses to forgive him as he takes up residence in Bart's treehouse. Reverend Lovejoy encourages Marge to seek divorce, but Homer pours his heart out to her and promises he will never lose her trust again. Marge forgives Homer.

Best episode EVER!So good!