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Simpsons News — Posted 01 Jun, 2002 by Scott

Hey Fans, an update from the good people at New Force Comics and Simpsons Collector Sector. The biggest of the news is the upcoming Moe's Tavern with exclusive Duffman. As some may remember, Moe's Tavern was cancelled due to the fact that it was a bar (not suitable for kids). But, with the massive requests and petitions, Playmates has decided to bring it back.
Direct from SCS Board:
Mail in Figure series...
Starting with wave 10, customers will have an opportunity to mail in 4 UPC's (note, previous figures' UPCs are not valid) and a questionaire with $5 for shipping and receive a BSharp Homer. Future mail in's will be BSharp Apu, BSharp Skinner and BSharp Barney.

Wave 11 and wave 12 series have been announced (I don't have all the figures names yet, but Blue Haired Lawyer, etc will be part). Once I receive my FedEx package, I can detail.

Wave G and Wave H on Environments (see above)

-Coupon shipping with DVD season 2, good on Playmates figures

300th Episode Gift Box environmental set, with 5 exclusive figures from the 300th Show...this is NOT an exclusive, but mass market.

Moe's Bar environment will be Diamond/EB shared exclusive in 2003

Celebrity series 3 is "end" of individual line...future Celebrity figures will be incorportated in future waves of the WOS line.

9" Series with 5th Panel window box starts (first wave is Krusty, Apu and Grandpa
***NOTE***I might be incorrect in many notes, so I could have mislisted)...described similar to the Playmates Star Trek 9" line (very well done in my opinion).

There will be a Bobble head assortment-Barney and Apu

Soft Body Talking assortment (like Krusty, but smaller scale and sub $10 price point)...

When I get my package, I will detail more.



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