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Spider Pig flies over London's Battersea Power Station

Simpsons Movie — Posted 12 Dec, 2007 by Scott

Whoever said pigs don't fly? To celebrate the release of The Simpsons Movie on DVD, Spider Pig, the undisputed star of the film, took to the skies yesterday above London to recreate the cover of Pink Floyd's seminal 1977 album Animals.

Spider Pig
Spider Pig flying high above Battersea

Originally scheduled for last Thursday but postponed due to high winds, the inflatable, illuminated 40ft Spider Pig was flown over Battersea Power Station.

This is the first time the iconic London landmark has permitted any stunt to go ahead since Pink Floyd flew their own pig over the building 30 years ago this year. In 1977 the Pink Floyd pig famously broke free, causing a major panic in London as it ascended to 20,000 ft. This time around, The Simpsons Movie DVD team employed an SAS trained marksman, on hand to take the pig down in case it attempted an escape! Continue for video...

Spider Pig, a.k.a. Plopper, has undergone extensive testing and safety measures over the last few months to ensure he's safe to fly and has been tethered to a line from 7.30am today, remaining in the air until 11.30pm, with a breaking strain of one ton. He has also been fitted with an emergency deflation patch, which can quickly be activated in the event of him breaking free from his tethers. In addition, Spider Pig will carry internal lighting so he can be viewed during darkness by the hundreds of thousands of London motorists and commuters.

Multiple Academy Award® and Emmy Award®-winner James L. Brooks, producer and writer of The Simpsons Movie and executive producer on The Simpsons series said, "Spider Pig's ego was already out of whack and I'm afraid this venture will send him over the edge!"

Nick Mason of Pink Floyd added, "you can never have too much of a good thing, and another 'Great Pig In The Sky' can never go amiss..Not only that, the launch of The Simpsons Movie on DVD coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Animals indicates a confluence of the planets and a re-alignment of crystal power sources. Happy Landings!"

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