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Simpsons Game Demo for PS3

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by Scott

A new 27 minute previews of the new Simpsons Game has been released. PC World has written up a blogged review of it.

"Otherwise it seems like your average team-driven action game draped in friendly Simpsons pastiche. Play as Bart and you can shoot with a slingshot, switch to Bartman and float or hover on updrafts with your cape, or grab a power-up helmet to become RoboBart and fire lasers. Play as Homer and you can morph into a gigantic rolling ball of flab, or inhale a bunch of helium to float. You power up using electricity, oddly enough, which can unleash "super" attacks if you hold down each character's ability button, and you can switch between characters easily by tapping the d-pad (the game auto-controls your team member, though it unfortunately tends to leave them doddering in the line of fire)."

"I know it's just the demo, and the prospect of exploring Springfield and interacting with 170 series characters through 16 episodes in the final (due 10/30) still sort of has my interest. Plays as all four characters (and Maggie in special sequences)? Use Marge to "nag" NPCs with a megaphone? Matt Groening (the series creator) as a boss at the end of the game?"

Click below to see video.


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