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Season Finale(s): Bart of War AND Moe Baby Blues

Simpsons News — Posted 18 May, 2003 by Scott

Hey fans, another season has passed us by but with a season comes a season finale. Tonight there were two episodes to end it off for us. First off is Bart of War "After his latest bout of mischief results in another encounter with the Springfield police department, Marge and Homer elect to place Bart into a program of supervised afternoon activities in the form of a quasi- Native American tribe dubbed "The Pre-Teen Braves." But tribal war ensues when his clan is forced into a game of community service one-upsmanship with Milhouse's opposing group of do-gooders: "The Calvary Kids."

Right after that episode is Moe Baby Blues "When the entire town shows up at the Springfield Botanical Gardens to watch the blooming of the Sumatran Century Flower, there is room for everyone but Moe. The event causes a panic and during the ensuing traffic jam Maggie is thrown from the Simpsons' car into the arms of a suicidal Moe - who is dubbed a hero by the city. Maggie accepts him unconditionally as her new babysitter and surrogate father, while Moe's new reason to live starts to turn into an obsession that proves useful when Maggie gets in the middle of a mafia gang war between Fat Tony and Don Castellaneta."

hehe... Don Castellaneta.. Dan Castellaneta.. the voice of Homer.

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