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San Diego Comic Con 2002 : News, Pics and Rumors

Simpsons News — Posted 03 Aug, 2002 by Scott

Hey fans, just when you thought it was going to be a dull summer, Comic Con 2002 creeps up on you. What a show! Great previews and with it in the west coast, we got to go! Since this is a HUGE news item please just click the Read More to see the full article, images, rumors and news.

First off on the previews was the long awaited Moe's Bar with Duffman. This item was great and since the whole Simpson community has been waiting for this item to be made since almost the time the series started (around the time Barney was made) it just makes the set even more valuable even though it is part of the regular playsets. Also it's shown with a new sculpt wall phone and a beer mug for accessories at the Comic Con, however it is too soon in the production process to confirm these accessories.

Next up are the very first images of the Series 10 set. The set consists of:
Stone Cutter Homer - Stonecutter Headdress, Beer Stein, Framed Sacred Parchment, Secret World History Book
Resort Smithers - Suitcase, Carry-on Bag with 2 Pineapples Sticking Out, Red Pay-Phone
Scout Leader Flanders - Hat, Pine Cone, Flare Gun, Utility Knife (w/ Spork Accessory Extended), Book : "10 Do's and 500 Don'ts of Knife Safety"
Wendell - Apple, Banana, Orange, Barf-Bag, Stack of Books.
Dr. Marvin Monroe - Patented "Agression Therapy Mallet", Money Stack, Diploma, Clipboard (Bart's drawing of Homer).
Sunday Best Marge and Maggie - Marge's Hat, Maggie's Hat, Bible, Purse

Along with the Series 10 set was the Assistant F Environments which are:
Dr. Nick and his Office- Rack of 4 Test Tubes , Can of Buzz Cola with Straw, Opened Box of Pizza, Table, Jar of Cotton Swabs
Mr. Burns in Burns Manor - Snow Globe, Bobo, Chair, Fireplace Grille.

Also on display was one of the first bobble heads soon to be released. The one shown is that of Krusty. We assume there will also be a Barney and Apu as previous reports have told us.

There were some other items and notes given at the show. The final image of the school bus was shown (show below) as well as the soon to be out KBBL station with Bill and Marty. Also some rumors of a B-Sharps "set" may be coming out. Initially the B-Sharps were to be sold as promo items when mailing in UPC's off boxes. Many collectors find this non-appealing and therefore the company is thinking about just a B-Sharps set. We'll be at the show on the last of it as well so if any news comes up we'll keep you informed.

Thanks goes to American Dream Comics for some of the images we couldn't grab while there.

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