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Playmates Exclusives from Toy Fair 2003

Simpsons News — Posted 18 Feb, 2003 by Scott

Hey collectors, more news from the 2003 Toy Fair. Playmates Toys has unveiled 4 new exclusives which will be released in 2003 including the Treehouse of Horrors 4 and the one we love the most, Simpsons Ullman Era [pictured above]. To see the images for all the sets Click Here or the More/Comments below.

The Ullman Era playset exclusive features the Simpsons as they were when they first were airing in short segments on the Tracy Ullman Show. This set will be there "then" living room with past version of all of the 5 main family members.

The Treehouse of Horror 4 Playset features Bart and Lisa as the Superheros Clobber Girl and Stretch Dude. They fight the evil "The Collector" as they save Lucy Lawless as Xena.

The BSharps playset, a home for all your BSharp Exclusive figures, features a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty to re-create the episode scene where the BSharps sang for the Centenial for the statue.

Finally we have the Future set which features Future Burns and Future Smithers'. This is from the famous Bobo episode and you can see future Burns still has his precious Bobo.

Tracy Ullman Environment with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. exclusive. August/September, 2003, retail price between $35 and $40.

THOH 4: Collector's Lair with CBG as the Collector, Bart as Stretch Dude, Lisa as Clobber Girl and Lucy Lawless as Xena. Toys 'R Us / Amazon exclusive. August/September, 2003, retail price between $35 and $40.

Be Sharps Environment with 'Dolittle' Wiggum. Toys 'R Us / Amazon exclusive. September/October, 2003, retail price between $35 and $40.

Future Burns Environment with Future Burns, Future Smithers (robot dog) and Smithers as Bobo. Unknown retailer exclusive.

These production sketches have not been approved by Fox; changes or cancellations are possible.

All images are provide by The Simpsons Collector Sector. For more information and more detailed images on these product we HIGHLY recommend you visit their Magazine on ToyFair 2003.

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