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Playmates 2004 List News

Simpsons News — Posted 21 Jul, 2003 by Scott

Hey World of Springfield fans. Playmates Toys has released the 2004 list of toys which are to be released for the Simpsons WoS line. The list was released by Playmates Toys and Simpsons Collector Sector.
Click Here to See the Full List.

Series 15:
-Comic Book Guy (rerelease)
-Octoplets (all 8 on one card w/ stroller)
-Deep Space Homer
-Celeb Figure: Manjula (*voiced by Jan Hooks*)
-Mail-Away: Stonecutter Krusty

Series 16
-Agnes Skinner
-Benjamin and Doug
-Celeb Figure: Young Artie Ziff
-*Mail Away: Stonecutter Lenny

Other planned 2004 figures:
-Tuxedo Kang
-Tuxedo Kodos
-Lindsay Naegle
-Bigfoot Homer
-Arnie Pie
-Hellfish Grampa
-*Nipple Suit Apu
-Akira (*voiced by George Takei*)

-*Celeb Figure: Cecil Terwilliger (*voiced by David Hyde Pierce*)
-Mail Away: Stonecutter Carl

-Series 15: Nuclear Power Plant(w/ Frank Grimes)
-Series 16: Town Square (w/ Jebediah Springfield)
-Series 17: Springfield Elementary Playground (w/ Janie)
-Series 18: Flanders Rumpus Room (w/ Maude Flanders)

*TENTATIVE (Final list pending approval)

Miscellaneous notes:

-Each new series will include 5 new figures and one resculpted rerelease.
-The Burns/Smithers Diorama 2-pack will no longer be a Target exclusive.It will be mixed in with the first series after it ships.
-An upcoming Diorama set will be Bart and Lisa.
-Another upcoming Diorama set is Chief Wiggum and Eddie.

Thanks to Playmates Toys and Simpsons Collector Sector for the info.

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