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Our Favorite Family Doesn't "Jump the Shark"

Simpsons News — Posted 10 Sep, 2002 by Scott

Hey party people, some news for you today. There was an article written today about "Jumping the Shark", a term used when a TV Show has been on TV way too long for its own good. " ER did it when George Clooney left the show. The Price Is Right did it when Bob Barker stopped dyeing his hair. Moonlighting, Frasier and Who's the Boss?: They all did it when their stars finally, well, did it." There's a new book out by an expert in this field, Jon Hein, called "Jump the Shark: When Good Things Go Bad". There's a section in the book where Hein explains only one topic has never jumped: The Simpsons, though there's always next season. To read the full article Click Here.

In other news, according to a recent poll, Britians favorite family is officially the Simpsons, as if we didn't know that already. You can read the full article Here.

Take that Royle Family!

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