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News: Wimbledon Cancels Simpsons and How Simpsons Help Us Remember

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Jun, 2003 by Scott

Hey fans, some news you can use. First off it looks like the BBC has decided to "cancel" the Simpsons for the time in which Wimbledon is on. "Well, after careful and prolonged thought on this, I’ve concluded that I simply don’t know. What is it about Wimbledon that causes the BBC to cancel the Simpsons and the endless repeats of the Fresh Prince of Bel-air for two weeks, risking a barrage of angry letters to Points of View? Why are small red fruit covered in cream so significant? Why won’t it stop raining for two seconds so we can actually see some play?" Read all about it Here.

Looks like our favorite family is helping the study of science once more. "Characters from Irish soap operas and The Simpsons have been used in ESRC-funded research into how we get to learn people's faces...Researchers used a variety of experiments, involving volunteers viewing video sequences of people, watching episodes of unfamiliar soap operas (from Irish TV), and learning the visual appearance of familiar but previously unseen characters from radio's The Archers and voices from The Simpsons. They found that for unfamiliar faces, memory appears dominated by the 'external' features, but where the face is well-known it is 'internal' features such as the eyes, nose and mouth, that are more important." Read all about it Here.

It's all in the name of Science!

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