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News from Toy Fair 2002

Simpsons News — Posted 11 Feb, 2002 by Scott

Hey Simpson Fans and collectors. Lots of news from the Toy Fair 2002 being held in New York City this week. The first image you see is the exclusive clicker being given out by the people at Rocket USA. Let's see what other items the people at Rocket USA have on display. First off we have the Tin Motion toys...

Be aware these are only prototypes and may be changed around completely by time of final release. The next thing Rocket USA presented was Krusty Punching Doll...

This has to be one of the best upcoming Krusty items we've seen aside from the Krusty-in-the-Box which is also to be released by Rocket USA. Next we have a little preview from Playmates toys. As mentioned before there was a rumor of a new WoS vehicle released which is the school bus...

This is a great addition to the WoS sets we think. By the picture you can see it includes Otto on the drivers seat and what looks like Bart and Milhouse in the bus. We do hope that Playmates will add more characters in the bus by the final release. Stay tuned for more previews from Toy Fair later this week.

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