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Simpsons News — Posted 06 Aug, 2002 by Scott

Hey fans, we're still trying to get over Comic Con 2002 but we do have some more new and updates for you. On our last day there we decided to play with the good people from Wizards a game of Simpsons Trading Card Game. We found out it plays similar to the "Magic-type" card games but it's a little simpliar. The company is already planning on releasing 4 pre-made decks named after characters. We played with the Bart deck.

We also saw something very cool which we hope does make it to local supermarkets soon. You all remember those 25c machines that spit out those plastic globes with the toys in them. Well Tomy is planning on releasing a Simpsons globe set and machine (picture shown). The machine we saw takes $1 for one for a globe.

The show was all in all a blast. When we came back we found out a few things for you collectors. The first is the good news about the Bongo Series 1 set, they've hit your local KB Toys Store. The bad news is that the first wave is the ONLY wave to hit the KB's. That's right, Playmates and FOX has cancelled the set; so get them while they last!

Some more good news for you all is the Season 2 DVD is out and getting great reviews already, so if you haven't already done so buy your copy today. Also out in stores is the Target 9" series toys, those are flying off the shelves as well. We'll keep you informed about new products as we get the news.


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