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New episode: Treehouse of Horror XIX

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Oct, 2008 by Scott

OK enough about next year's THoH, here's the scoop on Treehouse of Horror XIX, airing November 2nd.

The opening scene has been leaked on YouTube. It's election day, and Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama. However, the machine is rigged and forces him to cast six votes for John McCain! Just as Homer is complaining - "I only meant one of those votes for McCain!" - the voting machine sucks him in to his death.

Watch the clip here! And hit continue for more details on the THoH episode.

[video commented out]

The main Treehouse of Horror episode consists of three scary stories as usual:

1. "It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse"
In an homage to Charles Shultz, The Simpsons characters enter the world of Peanuts. Lisa and Milhouse stay up waiting for the Grand Pumpkin.

2. A Transformers parody
Bart gets a Transformer as a Christmas present... but it runs amok in Springfield.

3. Dead celebrities in commercials
Homer goes around killing living celebrities so that they can be used in commercials.

N.B. There are two more episodes airing before Halloween:

Lost Verizon (Oct 5th)
Bart gets a job at a country club retrieving golf balls. He steals a mobile phone from Dennis Leary (guest voicing as himself) and makes prank calls with it.

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble (Oct 19th)
Bart meets his exact double and decides to switch places with him.

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