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New Episode 12/11/05: The Italian Bob

Simpsons News — Posted 12 Dec, 2005 by Scott

Mr. Burns finally decides to get a new car and he orders a Lamborgotti Fasterossa. He sends Homer and his family to the factory in Italy to pick the car up. The family takes a tour of Italy in the new car, but an accident with the car and a cheese truck has the family pushing the car into the town of Salsiccia. They find out that only one person in the town speaks English and also is their mayor. The family goes to meet the mayor and they are surprised to see that it is Sideshow Bob (and he is equally surprised to see them.) Sideshow Bob tells them how he came to be there, become mayor and start a family with his wife (Francesca) and a son (Gino). He hopes that the Simpsons will keep the secret of his criminal past, but Lisa’s first exposure to drinking wine leads to loose lips, which sinks his ship. Sideshow Bob being no longer welcome in his new town swears a vendetta on the Simpson family. Continue...

They go on the run from Sideshow Bob, who is joined by his wife and son since the vendetta affects their entire family. In Rome the family finds that Krusty is there preparing to perform “Pagliacci.” The Simpsons hide within the show, but Krusty’s performance gets him taken off stage only to be replaced by Sideshow Bob, whose family has the Simpsons surrounded. Krusty and his limo save the day, meanwhile Sideshow Bob and his family still has an unresolved vendetta.
The car Mr. Burns orders from Italy is a conglomeration of two famous brands of Italian cars. The Testarossa was a model manufactured by Ferrari and cars manufactured by Lamborghini.

Lisa uses the Italian she learned from Milhouse in the last episode, "The Last Of The Red Hot Mamas."

This is Sideshow Bob's first appearance since "The Great Louse Detective."

Sideshow Bob is wearing a white shirt and pants before a drunken Lisa reveals his old orange prison outfit. Notice in the closeup though, Bob's pants are orange as Lisa only rips his shirt off.

If Sideshow Bob has a son that looks about 2 or 3, and the Simpsons never age, then shouldn't the last time he tried to kill Bart make Bart 7 or 8?

While the Italian police were flipping through a book of US crimals they hit a picture of Family Guy's Peter Griffin labeled as "Impostoro" and the next page they hit a picture of "American Dad" as Impostoro de Impostoro.

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