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New Episode 05/16/05: Home Away From Homer

Simpsons News — Posted 31 May, 2005 by Scott

Lisa wins 4 tickets to see a foreign film and Homer gets Flanders to baby-sit Maggie. Flanders doesn't take any money for his effort, but he does need to earn some extra money; Marge suggests that he rent out his spare room. Flanders rents the room to two college age women, who turn the room into the set for their live webcam at Flanders is unaware of what is going on in is his home, and when Homer finds out he makes sure that every man in Springfield knows about it. When Marge finds out she makes Homer tell Ned and then he finds out that Homer has made him the laughingstock of Springfield. Flanders decides to move to Humbleton, PA., where his favorite figurines are made. Continue...

Homer mourns the loss of his favorite neighbor and tries to make friends with the new neighbor that has moved in, Clay Roberts, but this new neighbor is obnoxious. Meanwhile in Humbleton, Ned seems in heaven, only for him to live and work there, he must remove his mustache. Ned refuses and is making waves in his new community. When Homer arrives on his doorstep, pleading for him to come back to Springfield, Flanders decides to return.

Blackboard: A booger is not a bookmark.

Couch: After the family takes their usual places on the couch, the couch rises into the air and is actually part of the tendril of an anglerfish that you'll find in the deep depths in the ocean. The anglerfish empties the couch of the family and swallows them whole. is a real site registered to the show... that's another for you Scott :)

Doormat: Ring bell for free ass kicking.

Ned Flanders frontdoor opens in different directions usually it opens to the right, but in the scene where Homer should apologize its opening to the left.

Bart's room is at the back of the house and doesn't face Flander's house at all.

How is Apu able to view the streaming video on his laptop without an internet connection.
It doesn't appear that he's wireless.

Marge looks at Bart's computer and opens her mouth, only to do it again on the way up. It looks like a scene was cut from Marge's dialog.

The opening rift to the song "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" is missing.

The song the coach works out to is "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" by the The Beastie Boys.

The tune in the background when the Flanders drive away is "Lara's Theme" from the movie Doctor Zhivago.

Ned's first few days at work are sequenced with the song "Bad Company" by the band, Bad Company.

Homer: What are you kids laughing at? If you say Jimmy Fallon, I'll know you're lying.
A quick reference to comedian Jimmy Fallon who was recently criticized for not being as funny as he was when he was on Saturday Night Live.

When Ned lets the breeze flow through his mustache, it's a parody of the famous "breeze skirt" scene in the film The Seven Year Itch.

Chain Store: LeftMart
A quick reference to mega-store chain Walmart.

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