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New Episode 03/13/05: Goo Goo Gai Pan

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Mar, 2005 by Scott

Mr. Burns is taking his driving test and Selma is having hot flashes. Dr. Hibbert diagnoses that she is going through menopause. After seeing a video on the topic hosted by Robert Wagner (played by himself), Selma is disappointed to learn that she'll never be able to have children. Patty suggests that she try adoption and Lisa suggests China. Only to qualify, Selma needs a husband who must go with her to China to collect their child. She fills out the form with the name: Homer Simpson. Selma flies the Simpson family to China. At Marge's request, Homer goes along with the charade. Under the supervision of Madam Wu (played by Lucy Liu), a Chinese functionary, the family, with Marge as the children's nanny takes a tour of the sites. For his occupation, Homer tells Madam Wu that he is a Chinese acrobat, and of course later his services in that capacity are called into action. Continue...

Selma gets her child, a daughter named Ling Bouvier, only to have her taken away after Madam Wu sees Marge snuggling with Homer. At the airport, Lisa comes up with a plan to get Ling back. Homer poses as a Buddha statue to get inside the orphanage. Only Madam Wu stops them with a tank in Tien An Men Square. Selma appeals to Madam Wu, bureaucrat to bureaucrat and it works. Selma, her new daughter and the family are allowed to leave China via a junk.

Couch: The family enters a darkened living room only to have all the lights come on and have the major characters of the town yell: "Surprise!"

David Silverman, supervising director appears in live action during the end credit sequence to show us how to draw Bart.

This is the second time in the series (After Selma's Choice) that Selma wants a child.

According to Burn's license, it expires in 1909. Subtract 21 years (the age in which a first license usually expires), and Burns was born in 1888. Making him 117 years old.

While many of China's leaders are displayed, the show specifically showcased Chairman Mao. Specifically chosen for Matt Groening (a huge fan of The Beatles) as a homage to the song "Revolution."

The Heimlich maneuver was first described by cardiologist Dr. Henry Heimlich in 1974, which would make Madame Wu at least thirty-one years old.

In China they all speak English... even the dragons. Granted, it's a cartoon show, but since when does everyone automatically translate for visitors?

China (less Macau and Hong Kong) uses the simplified version of the Chinese characters but clearly in many signs in this episode, the traditional version of the Chinese characters (used in Taiwan) were used.

Silver Dragon: Give me your peanuts and you can ride on my back!
The silver, flying dragon with a wolflike face bares a striking resemblance to Haku, the dragon from the film Spirited Away.

Tien An Men Square: On this spot, in 1989, nothing happened
A bloody student protest occurred in 1989 in Tiananmen Square, where several students were butchered by the Chinese army. Selma standing up to Ms. Wu in the tank is an homage to the famous photo of one of those students standing up to several tanks.

Burns: You know this baby once outraced the Flying Finn...
A funny reference to the racer who broke two world records ina single day.

Homer: I hope you washed your hands first!
The scene where the monks beat up Homer after he insults them, and one of them rips his heart out, is just like the Mortal Kombat video game.

Restaurant: Krusty Fried Chicken
The Chinese chicken restaurant is a spoof of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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