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New Additions to Hamilton Christmas Train

Simpsons News — Posted 27 Sep, 2004 by Scott

Hey fans, new additions to the Hamilton Exclusive Simpsons Holiday Christmas train have just recently been announced in a very large flier sent out by the company. We have an image which you can view on top (click for larger) but we couldn't even fit them all so here's the list:

20736- Class in Session (Skinner and Krabappel)

20766- Bully Express (Springfield bullies messing with Milhouse)

13740- Krusty Kristmas (Krusty with Sideshow Mel)

Click for the entire list...

20767- Geriatic Express (Retirement Castle folk sleeping)

82906- Jammin' Christmad (Otto Leads Wendell and Lewis in jingle rock)

20765- Caroling Christmas (Flanders' and Lovejoy)

13744- Jingle Bells Batman Smells (Bart, Lisa, Family Pets and Itchy/Scratchy)

20735- Smoking Car (Patty and Selma smoking up a car)

82900- Slammin Christmas (Snake and Wiggum)

82904- Carol of the Bars (a Jailed up Sideshow Bob)

82899- Spreading Holiday Cheer (Dr. Hibbert and wife)

20082- Have a Squishee Christmas (Kwik-E-Mart with Apu, Ralph and Sherry/Terry)

20808- Frink Laboratories (Frink with Robot)

82905- A Little Holiday Action (Radioactive Man! in Radioactive Waste car)

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