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MmMm.. Ritz Bits Sandwiches

Simpsons News — Posted 04 Mar, 2004 by Scott

Hey hey fans, the Nabisco company has partnered up with Fox for promotional Ritz Bits sandwiches packages (cheese, smores and peanut butter flavors). The promo includes a chance to win "The Simpsons Experience in Hollywood" which includes a 5 day/4 night stay in a cool hotel, cruising Hollywood in a VIP Limo, $2500 Shopping Spree and $500 Simpsons merchandise package.. wowee! You could also be 1 of the 5000 Simpson Poster winners. You can pick up these packages now in your local grocer or visit the Nabisco World website for more info.

No Purchase Necessary. For free game Message/Rules send a self-adressed stamped #10 envelope to:
"Simpsons Experience in Hollywood"
P.O. Box 4403
Blair, NE 68009-4403
must be received by 6/2/04.
Chances of winning grand prize is 1:970,000.
Chances of winning a poster is 1:194.

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