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Mike Reiss Visits Drexel U.

Simpsons News — Posted 02 Jun, 2003 by Scott

Hey fans, recently Mike Reiss went again to another university to speak. This time it was Drexel University in Philadelphia. "At the event, Reiss shared information about his career while keeping the audience in stitches. He talked about his Harvard roots ("If you want to know what a Harvard education is like, go into your backyard and burn $150,000."), his experience working on The Critic, and his 15 years of writing for The Simpsons. After warming up the audience, Reiss detailed how episodes of The Simpsons were prepared. The show currently has 25 writers; while some work on preparing future episodes, others work on creating the current show. After a script is written, the entire process becomes collaborative. All told, episodes are rewritten eight different times, he said." Read the full article here.

The trip was something of a homecoming for Reiss, who began his lecturing career here in 1999. He has since lectured at colleges and universities in 22 different states.

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