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Interview with Matt Groening and.. MmMmM.. Pizza

Simpsons News — Posted 10 Jan, 2003 by Scott

Hey fans, some interesting news/interview for you from the USC Online Journalism Review. The interview is with the one and only man himself, Matt Greoning. In the interview Groening offers his views on Web cartooning, digital vs. hand-drawn animation, and how technology has changed the way we view comedy. He talks about his favorite online comics, how the show is digitized now (still hand drawn though!) and about (hehe). Check out the full fun interview by Clicking Here.

Some other news regarding our favorite family, according to the BBC, The Simpsons is helping sell Domino's in the UK better than ever. "The rising number of single people together with interactive episodes of The Simpsons are helping Domino's Pizza grab an ever-larger slice of the £1bn pizza delivery market. Couch potatoes watching the popular 'The Simpsons' cartoons on interactive television can already order a Domino's pizza during advertising breaks. All they need to do is press the little red button on their control and place their order. "We call this The Simpsons rush", explains Mr Dunese." Read all about it by Clicking Here.

RA: How has computer animation changed your TV shows?

MG: “The Simpsons” is still hand-drawn, it’s just inked and painted digitally rather than paint slathered on cells. But actual pencil drawings are scanned into the computer. With traditional animation there is an amazing history where you have the mark of brilliant artists, and what we try to do, at least on “Futurama” and now on “The Simpsons,” is have it look as much like traditional animation as we can.

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