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Fridge Guard and Message Mate Released

Simpsons News — Posted 21 Dec, 2002 by Scott

Hey collectors, two new products we just recieved released by the Wesco Co. in the UK; just in time for Christmas. First off we have is the Homer Fridge Guard, this is a Homer which goes into your fridge and everytime you open the fridge door he says 1 of the 6 Homerisms programmed into him. Homer's fingers and nose turn blue depending on how cold it is in your fridge. It comes with a free fridge sticker and Homer is in a sitting position with a case of Duff under one hand and case of donuts under the other.
The other very cool item is the Message Mate, one of the interactive Wesco products. The message mate sits on top of your TV and comes with 7 pre-recorded Homer sounds. It can also record your own message. The way it works is once placed on top of your TV everytime you point your remote control toward it and press ANY button the mate will release a sound or your recording. VERY cool item and very fun. You can pick these up from any of your Diamond retailers if they ordered them.


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