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Article Overload!

Simpsons News — Posted 01 May, 2005 by Scott

Approaching the 350th* episode (which airs tonight), there have been many articles in the news about how long the show has left and so on. So I thought I'd compile the best few into one post here. Enjoy!
* Yes, we know Fox screwed up again...Future-Drama was the 350th episode, Don't Fear The Roofer is the 351st episode.

When a show reaches an impressive 350 episodes, it's fair to reflect on its mortality. So how long can "The Simpsons," which hits the milestone Sunday, keep going? "I don't see any end in sight," creator and executive producer Matt Groening told The Associated Press.
No End In Sight For 'The Simpsons'

It's a cliche for reporters to ask the creator of a long-running TV show about his favorite episodes, and the cliched response is for the creator to say that he loves them all and can't possibly single out one or two.
Groening Ponders Future of 'The Simpsons'

After all this time, it's hard to talk about "The Simpsons" without bringing on the superlatives, especially the word "longest." The FOX fixture, which airs its 350th episode, "Don't Fear the Roofer," on Sunday, May 1, enjoys the dual distinction of being the longest-running prime-time animated sitcom and having the longest list of celebrity guest stars of any animated series.
'Simpsons' Celebrates the Big Three-Five-D'oh

And finally, here's one good for a laugh. It conveys some of my feelings for the show now, but it is very poorly written and full of mistakes - see how many you can spot!
Brilliant sitcom on life support

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