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Quick-Talking Voiceovers

This is a very regular occurrence on The Simpsons: quick voiceovers at the end of commercials or television programs seen on the show. Here's a complete list of them, including the episode they were in.

Dog of Death

A commercial for the lottery begins this episode:
Announcer: The lottery: where everybody wins.
Voiceover: Actual odds of winning one in three hundred and eighty million.

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

An I&S Movie advert:
Voiceover: Fifty-three percent new footage.

Marge Vs. The Monorail

A commercial for Truckasaurus: The Movie is shown, apparently featuring Marlon Brando as the voice of Truckasaurus. But...
Voiceover: Celebrity voice impersonated.

Next, Homer watches a commercial for Lanley Institute of Monorail Conducting, which shows a photo of a big official-looking building...
Voiceover: Actual institute may not match photo.

Selma's Choice

A commercial for Duff Gardens shows Lance Murdock riding on a rollercoaster...
Voiceover: To be completed in 1994.
...and Lance falls off the edge!

Krusty Gets Kancelled

Krusty: Every time you watch my show, I will send you forty dollars.
Voiceover: Cheques will not be honoured.

Deep Space Homer

After an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, the following message appears on screen, with the voiceover:
"The preceding cartoon contained scenes of violence and should not have been viewed by young children."

Homer Loves Flanders

The end of a commercial for tickets to the big game:
Voiceover: Warning: tickets should not be taken internally.
Homer adds: "See, because of me they have a warning."

Lady Bouvier's Lover

Bart sees an advert for Itchy & Scratchy cells:
Commercial: Each one is absolutely, one hundred percent guaranteed to increase in value.
Voiceover: Not a guarantee.

Sideshow Bob Roberts

End of the Mayor Quimby campaign commercial:
Commercial: Quimby. If you were running for mayor he'd vote for you.
Voiceover: Paid for by the "Mayor Quimby for Mayor" Mayoral Committee

A Sideshow Bob commercial:
Commercial: Mayor Quimby supports revolving door prisons. Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob, a man twice committed of attempted murder. Can you trust a man like Mayor Quimby?
Voiceover: Vote Sideshow Bob for Mayor.

Homer: Badman

When Homer appears on Rock Bottom, the footage is edited to make him sound like a pervert. Then while a still picture of Homer is displayed on screen...
Godfrey Jones: Mr. Simpson, your silence only incriminates you further. No Mr. Simpson, don't take your anger out on me! Mr. Simpson NOOOOOOO!!!
Voiceover: Dramatisation: may not have happened.

You Only Move Twice

An ad for Cypress Creek and Globex claims that your dreams will come true.
Voiceover: Your dreams may vary from those of Globex Corporation, its subsidiaries and shareholders.

The Joy of Sect

The movie about the Movementarians guarantees love, serenity and loving serenity...
Voiceover: Not a guarantee.

Mom and Pop Art

An advert for a barbeque features a man who clicks his fingers to change what's on his barbeque.
Voiceover: Light-hearted apron not included. Snapping fingers may not make food appear.

Take My Wife, Sleaze

A commercial for Greaser's Cafe, a 50s-style diner:
Owner: So come to Greaser's Cafe, where it's 1955 every day of the year!
Voiceover: Actual year may vary. Consult calendar for current year.

Barting Over

Because Homer spent all of Bart's money from his commercial, Homer must appear in one...but it's for "Viagra Gain":
Voiceover: May cause loss of scalp and penis.

Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington

A Krusty campaign commercial is shown, with Krusty appearing as many famous people and landmarks.
Voiceover: Photographs have been modified to include Krusty.

Simple Simpson

At the end of an advert for a "bacon factory":
Voiceover: Warning: Bacon Factory may explode.

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