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Beneath the floorboards

We present a list of Simpsons underground jokes - instances where we the viewer is treated to a cross-section of the floorboards between the Simpson home. We also list all the underground jokes too!

Simpsons floorboards: Lead piping and asbestos

Flaming Moe's

Lead piping and asbestos insulation can be seen between the living room and Lisa's bedroom, as well as a dead mouse.

Simpsons floorboards: A snake

Separate Vocations

A snake is between the floors of Springfield Elementary (between 4th and 2nd grade classrooms).

Simpsons floorboards: Gold and jewels

The Otto Show

As the camera pans up to Otto reading Lisa a ghost story, gold and jewels fill the floor space between the living room and Lisa's bedroom.

Simpsons floorboards: Reel-to-reel tape recorder

Lady Bouvier's Lover

After Maggie is put to bed, we see a reel-to-reel tape recorder and microphone is recording, underneath her room.

Simpsons floorboards: Termites Simpsons floorboards: Termites

Mother Simpson

On the Season 7 DVD, there is a short deleted scene where the camera pans up from Bart & Lisa in the basement to Homer & Marge in their bedroom. There are termites in the floorboards between each of the floors.

Simpsons floorboards: Wiretap

The Mysterious Voyage of Homer

After Marge yells at Homer, she is in bed while Homer paces downstairs. The floor is full of secret service wires, labelled: NSA, FBI, ATF, CIA, KGB and MGI.

Simpsons floorboards: Snowball II

In Marge We Trust

Bart & Lisa watch Itchy & Scratchy early on Sunday morning, and their laughing wakes Marge up. Snowball II appears to be trapped between the living room and the main bedroom.

Simpsons floorboards: Lizards hatching

Large Marge

Newly-hatched lizards are between Homer and Marge's bedroom and the living room. In this instance, the camera stops for a few seconds to show a third egg hatching.