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You Only Move Twice

You Only Move Twice

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Homer gets offered a job at Globex Corporation, and accepts. But in order to work there the family have to move to a place called Cypress Creek. Homer settles in well, though he is unaware that his new boss is an evil supervillain. But the rest of the family do not like their new home: Marge has no housework to do, Bart is put in the remedial class, and Lisa is allergic to everything in town. Eventually, Homer resigns and moves back to Springfield.

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  • Homer is apparently the most senior man at the power plant after Smithers, even though in earlier episodes, his supervisor has been Carl or Eugine Fisk.
  • Many of the students at Cypress Creek Elementary resemble students at Springfield Elementary.
  • One of Homer's employees has a mug shaped like a cooling tower.
  • Lisa was never seen at school.
  • Homer buy's his Tom Landry hat from ''The Spend Zone''.
  • Homer takes Flanders' TV tray (Lisa's First Word) and power sander (Marge On The Lam) with him to Cypress Creek.

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  • The title of this episode and Scorpio's ''office'' seen at the end of the episode reference You Only Live Twice.
  • Scorpio's arch enemy, ''Mr. Bont,'' is an obvious parody of James Bond.
  • The song over the closing credits is a take on the theme from ''Goldfinger.''

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