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Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

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Mr. Burns certainly has a lot of enemies - after stealing the newly discovered oil under Springfield Elementary, putting Moe out of business, and never remembering Homer's name, he finally blocks out the sun. After a town meeting he is shot and everyone wonders who did it. But in a town where everyone has a motive, it's not that simple.

Memorable quotes

Selma: Mr. Burns has been shot.
Wiggum: Just a minute! This isn't Mr. Burns at all! It's a mask! Wait, it is Burns. Heh, his wrinkly skin, it...looks like a mask.
Marge: I don't think we'll ever know who did this. Everyone in town's a suspect.
Hibbert: Heh heh heh. Well, I couldn't possibly solve this mystery. Can... you? (points at the 'camera', which then pans out)
Wiggum: Yeah, I'll give it a shot, I mean, you know, it's my job, right?

Skinners: Infact to pay for the construction, the operation and the demolition of the oil derick we have eliminate all non essential programs... music--
Tito Puente: What!?
Skinners: --and maintenence.
Groundskeeper Willie: Aargh! I'll kill that Mr. Burns!! And... wound that Mr. Smithers!

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  • When Mr. Burns collapses on the sundial, his gun is missing from his holster.

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  • This episode parodies the "Who Shot J.R.?" episodes of Dallas.

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