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Treehouse of Horror IV

Treehouse of Horror IV

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Bart presents this year's Halloween Special. In a Night Gallery parody, he uses paintings to tell the horror stories. First up is "The Devil And Homer Simpson". Homer is out of donuts at work, so he sells his soul to the Devil, who turns out to be Ned Flanders. Homer saves the last bite of the donut so that Flanders does not get his soul, however, he eats it the next night during a sleepwalk. Lisa argues that her father has the right to a fair trial - where Marge shows the jury a photo, signed by Homer, promising Marge his soul forever. Flanders loses, but converts Homer's head into a donut. The next story is "Terror At 5½ Feet". On the way to school, Bart sees a gremlin on the side of the bus, but no one believes him. Bart takes an emergency flare and throws it out the window at the gremlin, knocking it off the bus. When the bus gets to school, it falls apart, and Bart is sent to a mental institution because of his disruptive behaviour. The final segment is "Bart Simpson's Dracula". The Simpsons visit Mr. Burns' mansion in Pennsylvania, where Lisa suspects something odd. She and Bart stumble across Mr. Burns' secret vampire lair, and Bart is captured by the vampires. Mr. Burns returns Bart to his parents, who don't believe Lisa that he is a vampire. However, they soon realize and go to kill Mr. Burns. It turns out, though, that Burns is not the head vampire, Marge is. The whole family are about to turn on Lisa, when they cheer "Happy Halloween" and start singing a Christmas song.

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  • Gravestones in the opening sequence read: "Elvis - Accept It," "A Balanced Budget," "Subtle Political Satire," and "TV Violence" (which gets riddled by bullets and bleeds).
  • The creature that serves Homer the donut has an apron labelled "Hell's Kitchen."
  • Bart's test, with an F+ grade, is attached to the fridge.
  • Lionel Hutz combs his hair with a fork.
  • Homer and Marge got married out of state somewhere, not in an emergency room.
  • In the last story, the painting of dogs playing poker (that was too scary to make a story about) appears above the couch.
  • Eddie the cop tosses the Mona Lisa into the fire at the museum.
  • The foreword of Burns' book is by Steve Allen.

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  • The set up for this episode (the paintings) parodies Night Gallery.
  • The title for the first segment comes from Steven Vincent Benet's "The Devil and Daniel Webster."
  • The second segment gets its title from, and parodies, the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."
  • The title and general plot for the third segement are taken from Bram Stoker's "Dracula"
  • The music over the opening credits is a combination of The Addams Family theme and the regular Simpsons theme music.
  • The family singing at the end, with Milhouse on piano and Santa's Little Helper dancing, parodies "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown".

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