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This Little Wiggy

This Little Wiggy

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Taking pity on Ralph Wiggum, Marge pairs him with Bart. However Bart realizes it could be beneficial when he learns that Chief Wiggum holds the master key to every door in Springfield.

Memorable quotes

Ralph: That's where I saw the Leprechaun.
Bart: Riiiight, a leprechaun.
Ralph: He told me to burn things.

Leprechaun: (on Ralph's shoulder) Aw, you've done grand, laddie! Now you know what you have to do: Burn the house down. Burn 'em all!

Marge: Is that normal?
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, he's just playing "Wiggle Puppy". That's a dog he made up who flies by wagging his tail. I tell ya, that dog has had some amazing adventures.

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