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There's No Disgrace Like Home

There's No Disgrace Like Home

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The Simpsons attend a company picnic for the power plant. After the kids misbehave and Marge gets drunk, Homer realizes the family need help. He sees and advert on TV for Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center - "family bliss or double your money back." Homer uses the kids' college fund and pawns the television to pay for the treatment. However, they turn out to be uncurable, and Dr. Monroe is forced to repay them double. The family leave, Homer decides to go and buy a brand new TV, and the family is blissful after all.

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  • Smithers wears his ID badge at the picnic.
  • One of the gelatin desserts at the picnic is shaped like the cooling towers from the plant.
  • The "perfect" family leaving the therapy center resemble the Simpsons family.
  • At the picnic, some people change color while clapping.
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe keeps the aggression therapy mallets in a gun cabinet.

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  • The scene where Homer sees his family turn evil parodies The Twilight Zone.

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