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The Otto Show

The Otto Show

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Bart and Millhouse attends a Spinal Tap concert. After viewing the show he decides he wants to be rock star. Homer and Marge decide that they should buy Bart a guitar to encourage him musically. Meanwhile, Otto crashes the school bus and because he doesn't have a license, he is banned from driving the bus until he gets one. He is kicked out of his apartment and Bart invites him to stay in the garage, without asking his parents. Otto plays Bart's guitar since Bart is bad at playing himself. Homer orders Otto to leave, so he tries to take the driving test again. Otto tells Patty and Selma how much he hates Homer and they pass him, even though he did badly.

Memorable quotes

Bart: Hey, Milhouse, cool jacket!
Milhouse: It cost me 50,000 Bazooka Joe comics!

Homer: Now just meet me back here after the show.
Bart: Thanks, Dad. Sure you're not going to be bored?
Homer: Boy, some of the best times I've ever had were in the back seat of a car! Heh heh... (He imagines himself eating food in the back of a car...)

Kent Brockman: Of course, it would be wrong to suggest this sort of mayhem began with rock-and-roll. After all, there were riots at the premiere of Mozart's "The Magic Flute." So, what's the answer? Ban all music? In this reporters opinion, the answer, sadly, is 'yes'.

Homer: Now, boy, we spent a lot of money, so you'd better get real good real fast, or POW!
Marge: Homer!
Homer: Hey, I thought I was supposed to encourage him.

Martin: Although I'm sure I will receive a severe wedgie from my bus-mates, I must remind you that we should have been at school ten minutes ago.
Otto: Uh oh, better fasten your seatbelts little dudes.
Lisa: We don't have seatbelts.
Otto: Uh, well, then just try to go limp.

Skinner: It's a miracle nobody was hurt.
Otto: I stand on my record. Fifteen crashes and not a single fatality.

Otto: Can I at least get my stuff?
Landlord: All I found in there was a jar of mustard and a couple of old cycle magazines.
Otto: Wow! I have mustard?

Bart: Mom, I thought you might forget our little conversation this afternoon, so I took the precaution of recoding it. (on tape) Mom, can Otto live in our garage for as long as he wants? (impression of Marge) He sure can!
Homer: Marge! What were you thinking?
Marge: That's not my voice!
Homer: Oh, everybody says that when they hear themselves on tape.

Homer: All right, he can stay. But I get to treat him like garbage.
Otto: Wow! What's the catch?

Homer: Of course I'm not mad. If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing!

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  • There are bars of gold and jewels underneath the Simpsons' floorboards.
  • The concert pyrotechnician is missing an arm.
  • Spinal Tap thought their concert in Springfield went well.
  • Skinner gets a five o'clock shadow waiting to pull out onto a busy road.
  • Bart's guitar book is called ''Guitar Instruction in 99 Easy Lessons.''
  • Otto's full name, according to his driving license is Otto Mans.

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  • After Marge says ''This is not Happy Days!'' Otto walks in and says ''Hey, Mr. S!'' just like in the show.

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