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The Joy of Sect

The Joy of Sect

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Homer encounters two recruiters from the "Movementarians," a religious sect which promises to take members away in a spaceship to "Blisstonia." Homer attends the meeting and is (eventually) brainwashed. Homer gives up his house and moves the family to the sect's compound, where everyone except Marge loves "the leader." Marge escapes, and with Reverend Lovejoy and Groundskeeper Willy's help, kidnaps her family and attempts to deprogram them. However, the lawyers burst in and take Homer back. When Homer is returned, he reveals that he no longer believes in the group, and exposes the spaceship to be a fake.

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  • The sign at Springfield Airport reads: "No Crashes Since Tuesday".
  • Books in the Movementarians' classroom include "Arithmetic the Leader's Way" and "Science for Leader Lovers".
  • People who weren't brainwashed by the Movementarians: Marge, Reverend Lovejoy, the Flanders', Lenny, Burns, Smithers and Groundskeeper Willy (at least at first).

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  • This episode's title references the book "The Joy of Sex".
  • Marge is chased by a giant bubble which emerges from a river, referencing the 60's cult TV series "The Prisoner".

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