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The Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family

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When a soccer match ends in a city-wide riot, Homer buys a handgun to protect his family and joins the NRA. However, Marge does not like this and pleads with Homer to get rid of the gun. Homer promises to do so, but Bart finds it the next day in the vegetable crisper. Fearing for their lives, Marge whisks herself and the kids away to a seedy motel. Homer hosts the next NRA meeting, but shocks the other members when he reveals that he uses his gun as a can opener, and to turn on the TV. He is kicked out of the society. Homer turns up at the motel to apologize to Marge, but when Mayor Quimby is taken hostage, he produces the gun again and saves the day. Marge is annoyed that Homer lied to her, and so Homer asks Marge to get rid of the gun for him.

Memorable quotes

Kent Brockman: ...So, for the next several years, it's every man for himself. (Snake walks out of Flander's house with his TV)
Ned: Sir, I think you've got my TV! Sir!?

Security guy: But surely you can't put a price on your family's lives!
Homer: I wouldn't have thought so either, but here we are.

Homer: A gun is not a weapon, Marge, it's a tool. Like a butcher knife or a harpoon, or... or an alligator.

Homer: But Marge, I swear to you - I never thought you'd find out!

Homer: I hid it in a safe place, Marge - I mean, what are the odds the boy would look in the vegetable crisper?

Moe: It could have been a real ugly situation, but luckily I managed to shoot him in the spine.

Homer: If a gun can protect something as important as a bar, then it's good enough to protect my family.

Marge: I'm a lucky woman.
Homer: And I'm a wonderful man.

Moe: And that's how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn a regular gun into five guns.

Cletus: Are you some kind of moron?
Homer: Yeah, but--

Homer: I felt an incredible surge of power, like God must feel when he's holding a gun.

Marge: Homer, I told you this morning, no guns at the dinner table!
Homer: You said the breakfast table.
Marge: It's the same table!

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  • Homer already has a gun (Treehouse of Horror III, $pringfield and Homer the Vigilante).
  • Sign at the stadium: "Tonight: Soccer; Tomorrow: Monsters of Poetry".
  • At the soccer riot, Dr. Hibbert strangles Dr. Nick.
  • Behind Kent Brockman on his news report, some kids push over a dog.
  • Ex-Con Security's slogan is "From The Big House... to Your House".
  • The gun shop name, "Bloodbath & Beyond", sounds similar to a chain of furniture stores called "Bed, Bath & Beyond".
  • Marge & the kids stay at the Sleep-Eazy Motel, however, several of the neon letter burn out, leaving "Sleazy Motel" illuminated.
  • Homer's home-made sign for the NRA meeting: "Gun Warming Tonight; Nachos, Rifles, Alcohol".

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