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The Simpsons — Season Nineteen

He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs

He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs »

P-code JABF20 • Index 19×01 • Aired Sep 23, 2007

After Homer is treated to dinner on Mr. Burns' corporate jet, he gets a taste for the good life, so Marge hires a life coach in order to fulfil his dreams.

Homer of Seville

Homer of Seville »

P-code JABF18 • Index 19×02 • Aired Sep 30, 2007

During a spell in hospital, Homer discovers he is a great opera singer - but only when lying down. However, after becoming a huge star he is pursued by an obsessive stalker.

Midnight Towboy

Midnight Towboy »

P-code JABF21 • Index 19×03 • Aired Oct 07, 2007

Homer stumbles into the world of towing cars for a living. However, he soon gets on the wrong side of the Springfield townspeople, who plot their revenge.

I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings »

P-code JABF19 • Index 19×04 • Aired Oct 14, 2007

Marge befriends a man called Dwight who is about to rob a bank. After convincing him to turn himself in, Marge promises to visit him in prison - but when she doesn't show, Dwight breaks out and stalks Marge.

Treehouse of Horror XVIII

Treehouse of Horror XVIII »

P-code JABF16 • Index 19×05 • Aired Nov 04, 2007

E.T. Go Home: Bart discovers an alien in the shed and unwittingly helps him build a space portal for him to wage war on Earth. Mr. & Mrs. Simpson: Unbeknownst to each other, Homer and Marge are secret agents, but are assigned to assassinate each other. Heck House: Flanders turns the church into a "Hell House" and God turns him into the devil to teach the children a lesson about the Seven Deadly Sins.

Little Orphan Millie

Little Orphan Millie »

P-code JABF22 • Index 19×06 • Aired Nov 11, 2007

Luann and Kirk Van Houten remarry, but on their honeymoon their ship sinks and they are presumed dead. This prompts Milhouse to begin acting "like a real man". Meanwhile, Homer find himself in the doghouse after forgetting Marge's eye color.

Husbands and Knives

Husbands and Knives »

P-code JABF17 • Index 19×07 • Aired Nov 18, 2007

A new comic book store with a friendlier owner causes Comic Book Guy to shut down the Android's Dungeon. Marge takes the opportunity to open a women-only gym, but causes Homer to feel self-conscious.

Funeral for a Fiend

Funeral for a Fiend »

P-code KABF01 • Index 19×08 • Aired Nov 25, 2007

Sideshow Bob once again tries to murder the Simpson family, but on trial Bart inadvertently kills Bob by withholding his medicine. Bob's brother Cecil, convinces Bart to pay his last respects but all is not what it seems...

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind »

P-code KABF02 • Index 19×09 • Aired Dec 16, 2007

Homer wakes up in the snow with no recollection of what happened the night before. With a little help from various townspeople he pieces it back together.

E Pluribus Wiggum

E Pluribus Wiggum »

P-code KABF03 • Index 19×10 • Aired Jan 06, 2008

Springfield holds its primary election, but no one likes either of the candidates so the townspeople embrace a write-in: Ralph Wiggum.

That 90's Show

That 90's Show »

P-code KABF04 • Index 19×11 • Aired Jan 27, 2008

After discovering Marge's diploma, Homer recalls how he gave up his dreams of being a musician for her. However, when Marge fell for her University professor, he slid into depression and formed the world's first grunge band.

Love, Springfieldian Style

Love, Springfieldian Style »

P-code KABF05 • Index 19×12 • Aired Feb 17, 2008

On Valentine's Day, the Simpson family regale each other with love-themed stories: Homer talks about Binnie and Clyde; Marge recounts a Simpson-esque Lady and the Tramp; and Bart spins a tale where he and Nelson are Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols.

The Debarted

The Debarted »

P-code KABF06 • Index 19×13 • Aired Mar 02, 2008

A new kid named Donny starts at Springfield Elementary, who is a great prankster like Bart. But when his pranks begin to backfire, Bart suspects Donny of sabotage.

Dial 'N' for Nerder

Dial 'N' for Nerder »

P-code KABF07 • Index 19×14 • Aired Mar 09, 2008

Bart and Lisa play a prank on Martin Prince, but it backfires, leading to his apparent death.

Smoke on the Daughter

Smoke on the Daughter »

P-code KABF08 • Index 19×15 • Aired Mar 30, 2008

Lisa takes up ballet but is tempted by peer pressure to smoke in order to stay thin.

Papa Don't Leech

Papa Don't Leech »

P-code KABF09 • Index 19×16 • Aired Apr 13, 2008

Lurleen Lumpkin returns when all of Springfield is ordered to repay taxes. She moves in with the Simpsons but pines for her father, who left her when she was a little girl.

Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow »

P-code KABF10 • Index 19×17 • Aired Apr 27, 2008

Bart and Lisa save a cow from going to the slaughterhouse by giving it to a young farmhand, Mary. However her father, Cletus, believes it to be a marriage proposal for his daughter.

Any Given Sundance

Any Given Sundance »

P-code KABF11 • Index 19×18 • Aired May 04, 2008

Lisa creates a documentary film about her family for a school project. It is entered into the Sundance Film Festival, however, upon seeing it for the first time, Homer, Marge and Bart are shocked that it paints the family in an unfavorable light.

Mona Leaves-a

Mona Leaves-a »

P-code KABF12 • Index 19×19 • Aired May 11, 2008

Homer's mother returns, but after she passes away, Homer is left reeling with guilt for not telling her that he loved her.

All About Lisa

All About Lisa »

P-code KABF13 • Index 19×20 • Aired May 11, 2008

Lisa becomes Krusty the Clown's new sidekick, but ends up more popular than he is.

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