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The Simpsons — Season Fifteen

Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror XIV »

P-code EABF21 • Index 15×01 • Aired Nov 02, 2003

Reaper Madness: After Homer accidentally kills the Grim Reaper, he must take over his duties. Frinkenstein: Professor Frink reanimates his father, with horrific consequences. Stop the World, I Want To Goof Off: Bart & Milhouse find a watch which stops time.

My Mother the Carjacker

My Mother the Carjacker »

P-code EABF18 • Index 15×02 • Aired Nov 09, 2003

Homer's mother returns, and Homer must clear her name, once and for all.

The President Wore Pearls

The President Wore Pearls »

P-code EABF20 • Index 15×03 • Aired Nov 16, 2003

In a parody of Evita, Lisa becomes school president, but is tricked into getting rid of art and gym classes.

The Regina Monologues

The Regina Monologues »

P-code EABF22 • Index 15×04 • Aired Nov 23, 2003

The Simpsons take a trip to England to find a woman Grampa dated during the war. However, when Homer accidentally runs over the Queen, he is sentenced to death.

The Fat and the Furriest

The Fat and the Furriest »

P-code EABF19 • Index 15×05 • Aired Nov 30, 2003

When Homer is attacked by a bear at the Springfield dump, he is dubbed as a coward by the media, and so he builds a bear-fighting suit to confront his fears.

Today, I Am a Clown

Today, I Am a Clown »

P-code FABF01 • Index 15×06 • Aired Dec 07, 2003

Krusty's father returns when Krusty realizes that he never had a Bar Mitzvah.

'Tis the Fifteenth Season

'Tis the Fifteenth Season »

P-code FABF02 • Index 15×07 • Aired Dec 14, 2003

When Homer spends all the Christmas money on himself, he realizes that he is too selfish and must do good deeds. However, he has competition from Flanders.

Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays

Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays »

P-code FABF03 • Index 15×08 • Aired Jan 04, 2004

After a baby riot at a Roofi concert, Lindsay Neagle starts a protest group: Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples & Teens & Gays Against Parasitic Parents - whose main objection is paying taxes for kids when they don't have any themselves.

I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot

I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot »

P-code FABF04 • Index 15×09 • Aired Jan 11, 2004

Homer builds Bart a robot to take part in a Robot Wars-style game show,

Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

Diatribe of a Mad Housewife »

P-code FABF05 • Index 15×10 • Aired Jan 25, 2004

Marge writes a novel, basing the main characters around Homer and Ned.

Margical History Tour

Margical History Tour »

P-code FABF06 • Index 15×11 • Aired Feb 08, 2004

Marge tells the kids three historical stories. Bart is Mozart; Homer is Henry VIII; and Lisa is Sacagawea.

Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore »

P-code FABF07 • Index 15×12 • Aired Feb 15, 2004

Milhouse moves to Capitol City, where he gets a totally new image. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa become best friends.

Smart and Smarter

Smart and Smarter »

P-code FABF09 • Index 15×13 • Aired Feb 22, 2004

Simon Cowell guest stars as a daycare admissions officer.

The Ziff Who Came to Dinner

The Ziff Who Came to Dinner »

P-code FABF08 • Index 15×14 • Aired Mar 14, 2004

Artie Ziff returns when his company goes bust and stays with the Simpsons.

Co-Dependent's Day

Co-Dependent's Day »

P-code FABF10 • Index 15×15 • Aired Mar 21, 2004

Homer & Marge discover that they enjoy drinking together. However after the Oktoberfest, Homer crashes the car while drunk and puts Marge in the driving seat so that the cops do not take his license. Meanwhile, Bart & Lisa seek out a movie director, whose prequel to

The Wandering Juvie

The Wandering Juvie »

P-code FABF11 • Index 15×16 • Aired Mar 28, 2004

After arranging a phony wedding to scam the townspeople out of presents, Bart is sent to juvenile hall, where he doesn't fit in. He meets a rough girl who breaks them both out of the prison.

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

My Big Fat Geek Wedding »

P-code FABF12 • Index 15×17 • Aired Apr 18, 2004

Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel prepare for thier wedding, but Skinner gets cold feet, and Edna decides that they shouldn't be getting married. On the rebound, she falls into the arms of Comic Book Guy. Look out for Matt Groening at the Sci-Fi Convention.

Catch 'Em if You Can

Catch 'Em if You Can »

P-code FABF14 • Index 15×18 • Aired Apr 25, 2004

Homer & Marge head off to Dayton, Ohio for Uncle Tyrone's birthday leaving the kids at home with Grampa. However, at the airport they decide that they'd rather go to Miami for a holiday away from the kids. However, when Bart & Lisa find out, the follow them round the country.

Simple Simpson

Simple Simpson »

P-code FABF15 • Index 15×19 • Aired May 02, 2004

Homer becomes a crime-fighting superhero called Pie Man. However, his identity is threatened when Mr. Burns blackmails him.

The Way We Weren't

The Way We Weren't »

P-code FABF13 • Index 15×20 • Aired May 09, 2004

Homer reveals to Marge that she wasn't his first kiss. Recounting his story of his first love as a young child, Marge realises that in fact she was Homer's first kiss, and Homer broke her heart.

Bart-Mangled Banner

Bart-Mangled Banner »

P-code FABF17 • Index 15×21 • Aired May 16, 2004

When Bart accidentally moons the American flag and Homer says he hates America live on TV, the Simpsons are arrested for treason.

Fraudcast News

Fraudcast News »

P-code FABF18 • Index 15×22 • Aired May 23, 2004

Mr. Burns tries to take control of the media using his wealth in order to better his image.

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