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The Simpsons — Season Fourteen

Treehouse of Horror XIII

Treehouse of Horror XIII »

P-code DABF19 • Index 14×01 • Aired Nov 03, 2002

Send in the Clones: Homer's gets a new hammock, which makes clones of him. The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms: Zombies rise when Springfield bans guns from their town. The Island of Dr. Hibbert: The Simpsons visit Dr. Hibbert's island, inhabited by strange, yet familiar-looking creatures.

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation »

P-code DABF22 • Index 14×02 • Aired Nov 10, 2002

When Homer reveals that marrying Marge crushed his dreams of being a rock star, Marge packs him off to Rock 'N Roll Fantasy camp.

Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade

Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade »

P-code DABF20 • Index 14×03 • Aired Nov 17, 2002

There's sibling rivalry as Bart is held back a grade and Lisa is skipped ahead to the same third grade class.

Large Marge

Large Marge »

P-code DABF18 • Index 14×04 • Aired Nov 24, 2002

Marge goes in for liposuction to make herself more attractive to Homer, however she mistakenly gets breast implants. Meanwhile, Krusty gets into hot water again when Bart & Milhouse copy a stunt from one of his films.

Helter Shelter

Helter Shelter »

P-code DABF21 • Index 14×05 • Aired Dec 01, 2002

The Simpsons are temporarily homeless while their house is being fumigated, and so the family take part in a reality TV show where they have to live like it is 1895.

The Great Louse Detective

The Great Louse Detective »

P-code EABF01 • Index 14×06 • Aired Dec 15, 2002

When somebody tries to murder Homer, Chief Wiggum puts none other than Sideshow Bob on the case.

Special Edna

Special Edna »

P-code EABF02 • Index 14×07 • Aired Jan 05, 2003

Bart nominates Edna Krebappel for Teacher of the Year, however, Skinner fears that he will lose her. So he asks Bart to sabotage the competition.

The Dad Who Knew Too Little

The Dad Who Knew Too Little »

P-code EABF03 • Index 14×08 • Aired Jan 12, 2003

Homer realizes that he does not know Lisa very well, and hires a private investigator to find out more about her.

Strong Arms Of The Ma

Strong Arms Of The Ma »

P-code EABF04 • Index 14×09 • Aired Feb 02, 2003

Marge develops agoraphobia after being mugged, and starts weight lifting.

Pray Anything

Pray Anything »

P-code EABF06 • Index 14×10 • Aired Feb 09, 2003

Believing that Ned Flanders' good luck is due to his praying, Homer follows his example. However, he soon gets himself into an injury lawsuit again the Church, and is awarded the deed to the property.

Barting Over

Barting Over »

P-code EABF05 • Index 14×11 • Aired Feb 16, 2003

Bart gets emancipated and leaves home after learning that he acted in commercials as a baby but Homer spent all the money. This episode was (incorrectly) billed as the series' 300th.

I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can

I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can »

P-code EABF07 • Index 14×12 • Aired Feb 16, 2003

Lisa becomes a spelling champ, but is asked to lose the final to let a more popular child win. Meanwhile, Homer enjoys a new Krusty Burger special - the Ribwich.

A Star Is Born-Again

A Star Is Born-Again »

P-code EABF08 • Index 14×13 • Aired Mar 02, 2003

Ned Flanders dates a movie star, who wants more than he will give.

Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington

Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington »

P-code EABF09 • Index 14×14 • Aired Mar 09, 2003

Krusty campaigns to get the flight path for Springfield Airport diverted from directly over the Simpsons' house.

C. E. D'oh!

C. E. D'oh! »

P-code EABF10 • Index 14×15 • Aired Mar 16, 2003

Homer enrolls in an adult education class, ''Successmanship 101'', and subsequently tricks Mr. Burns into letting him take over the nuclear power plant.

'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky »

P-code EABF11 • Index 14×16 • Aired Mar 30, 2003

Lisa campaigns to reduce light pollution in Springfield when she cannot watch the stars. Meanwhile, Bart attempts to steal the hood ornament from Fat Tony's car after losing his street cred.

Three Gays of the Condo

Three Gays of the Condo »

P-code EABF12 • Index 14×17 • Aired Apr 13, 2003

Homer finds an old letter from Marge saying that they would never work as a couple. Upset, he leaves home and moves in with two gay guys.

Dude, Where's My Ranch?

Dude, Where's My Ranch? »

P-code EABF13 • Index 14×18 • Aired Apr 27, 2003

Homer writes a song about how much he hates Flanders. When it is a success, the hype becomes too much for the Simpsons, and so they take a vacation at a ranch, where Lisa develops a crush on a farmhand. Meanwhile, Homer & Bart help the Native Americans get their land back from beavers.

Old Yeller-Belly

Old Yeller-Belly »

P-code EABF14 • Index 14×19 • Aired May 04, 2003

When Santa's Little Helper gets his nose caught in a beer can, he becomes Duff's new mascot. However, this leads to the original owner wanting the dog back.

Brake My Wife, Please

Brake My Wife, Please »

P-code EABF15 • Index 14×20 • Aired May 11, 2003

After Homer's license is revoked, he discovers the joys of walking... until Marge runs him over. Homer begins to think that Marge hates him.

The Bart of War

The Bart of War »

P-code EABF16 • Index 14×21 • Aired May 18, 2003

After Bart and Milhouse damage Flanders' house, Bart must be supervised, and joins the ''Pre-Teen Braves''. However, rivalry ensues when Milhouse joins an opposing group, ''The Cavalry Kids''.

Moe Baby Blues

Moe Baby Blues »

P-code EABF17 • Index 14×22 • Aired May 18, 2003

When Moe saves Maggie after a car accident, he is dubbed a hero and becomes her babysitter, much to Homer's annoyance.

Season 14

Season Fourteen (2002-2003) can probably be best described as a rollercoaster of mediocrity. One thing that helped this year's bunch of episodes was a forward leap in animation quality - from the EABF episodes (surprisingly late in the Season due to an increasing number of holdover episodes), the show is now digitally coloured.

However, even this did not make up for some of the tacky plots and joke-scarce scenes. The worst offenders: Marge gets breast implants (mistakenly, thank God) and in a later episode gets addicted to steroids; the family take part in a reality show in an episode full of confused plotting and bad jokes; and the kids try to help nature in the blandest episode to date.

On the flipside, we see Lisa almost win the "Spell-ympics"; Homer take over the power plant; and a Flanders-hating song (penned by who else but Homer?) take Springfield by storm; all of which will be remembered for a long while yet.

This Season marked the show's 300th episode, with Strong Arms of the Ma - although Fox incorrectly promoted Barting Over as this milestone. The billed 300th episode, while not a candidate for "best episode ever" (or even "best of the season"), showed us that there is still life left in this legendary show.