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Marge on the Lam

Marge on the Lam

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Marge gets two free tickets to the ballet and asks Homer to come. However, when he gets his arms stuck inside two vending machines, Marge takes Ruth Powers with her instead. They have a good time and go out the next night, much to Homer's annoyance. Homer goes out on his own, and runs into Chief Wiggum at his old make out place. Wiggum offers to give him a ride home, but decides to pull Ruth over for having different sized tail lights. However, Ruth speeds off, admitting to Marge that she stole the car from her ex-husband. Soon every police officer in Springfield is after them. Just as Ruth is about to give herself up, Marge steers the car across the desert, unaware they are heading right for the Grand Chasm. Homer convinces Marge to stop, however, he and Wiggum go over the edge of the chasm, landing on a big pile of garbage.

Memorable quotes

Homer: Mmm... invisible cola.

Homer: Hello? Can I get some help? Snack-related mishap!

Fireman: Homer, this... this is never easy to say. I'm going to have to saw your arms off.
Homer: They'll grow back, right?

Marge: I'm disappointed in you. But it turns out I had a wonderful time with Ruth Powers. In fact, we're going out again tomorrow night.
Homer: Marge, that's twice, I think you're spending entirely too much time with this woman!

Homer: Moe, get the darts, I wanna play.
Moe: No. We're phasing out the games: people drink less when they're having fun.

Wiggum: Ah, just get one of those inflatable women. But make sure it's a woman, though, because one time I... uh, heh...

Wiggum: Mmm, engine-black eggs. If we can keep these down, we'll be sitting pretty.
Homer: (sees Marge and Ruth drive by) That's them!
Wiggum: Quiet! I can't hear the eggs.

Wiggum: Uh, I'm on a road. Uh, looks to be asphalt... Oh, geez, trees, shrubs... er, I'm directly under the earth's!

Lisa: I always knew someday Mom would violently rise up and cast off the shackles of our male oppressors.
Bart: Eh, shut your yap.

Homer: Look Marge, I'm sorry I haven't been a better husband. I'm sorry about the time I tried to make gravy in the bathtub. I'm sorry I used your wedding dress to wax the car. And I'm sorry -- oh well, let's just say I'm sorry for the whole marriage up to this point.

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  • One voluteer at the pledge drive is asleep; another is knitting.
  • The total amount pledged to the public television fund was $23.58.
  • Outside the high school is a sign reading ''Tonight: Professional Ballet; Tomorrow: Closed To Fix Gas Leak.''
  • Otto wears his personal stereo in the underground club.
  • The neon sign outside Jittery Joe's Coffee Shop depicts a shaking hand holding a cup of coffee.
  • A sign on the highway reads: ''Entering Badlands; High Speed Chases Use Diamond Line.''
  • Springfield has their town name spelt out in giant letters on a hillside, like Hollywood.

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  • Much of the plot to this episode is taken from ''Thelma and Louise.''
  • The man reading at the telethon who the Simpsons don't find funny is based on Garrison Keillor.
  • The scene with Mayor Quimby in the underground club is a reference to the Ted Kennedy/William Kennedy Smith alledged rape incident.
  • The conclusion to the episode is a parody of Dragnet, and the music over the credits is a Simpsons-style performance of the theme.

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