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Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

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Realizing that he is getting older, Grampa decides to give his family their inheritance before they die. He takes them to the mall, where Lisa buys the new talking Malibu Stacey. However, she soon finds out that the speaks sexist phrases that demean women. When her complaints go unnoticed, she tracks down Stacey Lovell, the original creator of the doll. However, on learning that she does not work for the company anymore, Lisa persuades Stacey to help he make their own talking doll, without stereotypes. Meanwhile, Grampa takes a job a Krusty burger to go where the action is, but soon realizes that he belongs on the other side of the counter with the complaining pensioners. Lisa and Stacey create their doll, called "Lisa Lionheart," however they discover they cannot beat the big business of Malibu Stacey. When a little girl buys Lisa's doll, Lisa concludes that getting through to that one girl will all be worth it.

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  • Stores at the Springfield Mall include: ''House of no Refunds,'' ''One Size Fits All Lingerie,'' ''Yoghurt Nook,'' and ''Origami Designs.'' Flanders' Leftorium can also be seen.
  • The sign outside Kidstown USA reads: ''Not Affiliated With Kidstown Juvenile Correction Farm.''
  • Smithers wears his ID card in the Malibu Stacey film.
  • Bart is in the photo accompanying the gay rights story in the newspaper.
  • The sign in front of the factory: ''PetroChem Petrochemical Corporation, Proud Makers of Caustic Polypropylene and Malibu Stacy.''

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  • The ''We Love You, Matlock'' song parodies the ''We Love You, Conrad'' song from Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Homer plays on the giant keyboard at the toy store a la Big.
  • The Buzz cola commercial is reminiscent of an ad for Pepsi.

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