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Hurricane Neddy

Hurricane Neddy

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When a hurricane hits Springfield, the only house that gets severely damaged is the Flanders'. The Leftorium is also looted, and with no insurance they are forced to live in the church. Feeling bad, all of the citizens join in to rebuild they're house. The Flanders are overjoyed, but when Ned looks more closely, he sees that it is a result of poor workmanship. Ned goes crazy at all the townspeople, then drives off and checks himself in to a mental institution. Dr. Foster, Ned's childhood therapist, treats him and discovers the key to Ned's breakdown was that he always suppresses his anger by saying nonsensical words such as "diddly". Dr. Foster uses Homer as a role model and helps Ned to express his anger against his parents. He is cured and returns home.

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  • The can of creamed eels has a Del Monte logo on it.
  • Sign outside the church: ''God Welcomes His Victims''.
  • Todd wears a Butthole Surfers T-shirt from the church's donation bin.
  • A left-handed Statue of Liberty is stolen from the Leftorium.
  • Ned commits himself to Calmwood Mental Hospital.
  • The Juvenile Agression Study is sponsored by ''Swanson's Angry Man Dinners.''
  • Dean Peterson (from ''Homer Goes To College'') can be seen at the execution.
  • One of the placards seen at the end of the episode says ''Free John Swartzwelder''. Swartzwelder is a writer on the show.

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  • The hurricane carrying the Bowl-A-Rama away parodies ''The Wizard of Oz''.
  • Homer is pulled back into the basement a la ''Twister''.
  • Homer's ''you so crazy!'' line to Ned at the end of the episode was originally spoken by Martin Lawrence.

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