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Homer's Odyssey

Homer's Odyssey

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The kids at Springfield Elementary take a field trip to the Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer works. However, while trying to impress Bart, he causes an industrial accident and loses his job.He writes a suicide note for his family and leaves. Lisa finds the note and the family rush to save him. Crossing a bridge, they are nearly run over by a lorry, but are saved just in time by Homer. He campaigns to make Springfield a safer place, and eventually goes after the plant he was fired from, starting a protest outside the plant. Angry at the uproar, Mr. Burns calls Homer into his office, and offers him a new job as safety inspector. Homer takes it.

Memorable quotes

Sherri: Our dad says your dad is incompetent.
Bart: What does ''incompetent'' mean?
Terri: It means he spends more time yakking and scoffing down donuts than doing his job.
Bart: Okay. I thought you were putting him down.

Homer: I'm no supervising technician, I'm a technical supervisor. I've never done anything worthwhile in my life. I'm a big worthless nothing.
Marge: There, there, Homer. You'll find a job. You've caused plenty of industrial accidents, and you've always bounced back.

Homer: I'm a little low on funds. Do you think you could cover me just this once?
Moe: No, sorry.
Homer: Why not? After all these years I think I deserve an explanation.
Moe: I don't think you're ever going to get another job and be able to pay me back. Don't worry, we're still friends.

Homer: Beer - now there's a temporary solution.

Homer: Oh no! What have I done? I smashed open my little boy's piggy bank, and for what? A few measly cents, not even enough to buy one beer. Wait a minute, let me count and make sure. (he counts the money) Not even close.

Homer: If they think I'm gonna stop at that stop sign, they're sadly mistaken!

Bart: (quietly) Gee, Dad's a hero.
Homer: What did you say, son?
Bart: Nothin'.
Homer: That's okay, I'll just assume you said what I thought I heard you say.

Homer: Unlike most of you, I am not a nut.

Homer: Our lives are in the hands of men no smarter than you or I. Many of them incompetent boobs. I know this because I've worked along side them, gone bowling with them, watch them pass me over for promotion time and time again.

Homer: (thinking) Me in charge of safety? This place could blow sky-high. Nah, I'll concentrate on my work now. Hey, this guy's desk sure is big. I can't let Marge support the family! This guy's got the cleanest shirt I've ever seen. What should I...

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  • Smithers was black in this episode. This was due to a mix-up with the colors at the animation studio.
  • There is a three-eyed fish swimming in the pond outside the plant.
  • A sign outside the plant reads: "Our Safety Record: [7] Days Since Last Accident."
  • The kids walk past an area where men in radiation suits handle a barrel of radioactive waste.
  • On Bart's report card, he does not get anything above a D.
  • Homer writes his suicide note on "Dumb Things I Gotta Do Today" stationary.
  • There is "El Barto" graffiti outside the school and the town hall.
  • One of the signs Homer puts up says: "Sign Ahead."
  • One of the signs in the park reads: "Keep Off The Grass," however the family are on the grass.
  • Sherri and Teri have white skin but their father had brown skin.

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