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Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Homer's Barbershop Quartet

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While browsing at the Springfield Swap Meet, Bart & Lisa come across a record with Homer's face on it. Homer reveals that he used to be in a barbershop quartet back in 1985 with Apu, Principal Skinner and Chief Wiggum. They used to perform at Moe's and other places. They got recognized by a record agent, who becomes their manager. He persuades them to replace Wiggum with Barney, and the group decides to call themselves the "Be Sharps." Homer writes a song called "Baby On Board" which is a huge hit, and the group win a Grammy. However, Marge misses Homer as he is on the road all the time, and there is friction between the group. After five and a half weeks, the band split up. Homer finishes telling the story to the kids, and sends them to bed. Feeling nostalgic, he organizes a get-together of the group and they sing on the rooftop of Moe's Tavern.

Memorable quotes

Bart: I got this cool pencil holder. (shaped like a bong)
Homer: Far out, man. I haven't seen a bong in years.

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  • Moe's Tavern used to be called Moe's Cavern (see below).
  • Marge sells the ''Bald Adonis'', Ringo and Mr. Burns paintings from 7F18 Brush With Greatness, and the sailboat painting which hangs above the couch.
  • Herman sells an atomic bomb at the Swap Meet.
  • Before the group has decided on its name, it is written on the church marquee.
  • The sign outside the church reads "WHAT A F_IEND WE HAVE IN GOD".

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  • ''Melvin and the Squirrels'' sounds similar to the cartoon ''Alvin and the Chipmonks.''
  • The number on Skinner's helmet is 24601, the same as Jean Valjean's prisoner number in ''Les Miserables.''
  • Quimby's ''Ich bin ein Springfield Swap Meet patron'' line is similar to a Kennedy quote, ''Ich bin ein Berliner.''
  • The Be Sharps are based heavily on The Beatles. Here are some references you may have spotted:
    • The Beatles played their first gigs at The Cavern Club; The Be Sharps played at Moe's Cavern.
    • A member is replaced.
    • The album ''Meet the Be Sharps'' and its cover.
    • Nigel's line, ''You've just recorded your first number one.''
    • Barney's girlfriend looks like Yoko Ono, John Lennon's girlfriend and the track ''Number Eight'' is a reference to Beatles' track, ''Revolution No. 9.''
    • The ''Bigger Than Jesus'' joke.
    • The ''Coop coop a-doop'' line from one of the songs is similar to the ''Goo-goo-a-joob'' line from ''I Am The Walrus.''
    • The final rooftop performance is something The Beatles did; in fact, George Harrison passes by in this scene and says: ''It's been done'', referring to himself.

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