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Homer and Apu

Homer and Apu

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Homer eats some cheap expired ham from the Kwik-E-Mart, and gets rushed to hospital. Homer takes his story to "Bite Back," a TV watchdog programme, and Apu is subsequently fired by the Kwik-E-Mart corporation. Apu moves in with the Simpsons, helping around the house. However, after a song and dance routine, he reveals that he misses his old job, and decides to visit the original Kwik-E-Mart headquarters in India. Meanwhile, actor James Woods takes over running the Springfield Kwik-E-Mart, as research for an upcoming movie. Apu, accompanied by Homer, reaches the Kwik-E-Mart headquarters, where they meet the president and CEO of the corporation. He grants them three questions, but Homer intervenes, costing Apu his chance to be rehired. Back in Springfield, Apu goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to face his demons, but ends up taking a bullet for James Woods during a robbery. Grateful for saving his life, Woods gets Apu his job back.

Memorable quotes

Man 1: I need one twenty-nine-cent stamp.
Apu: That's a dollar-eighty-five.
Man 2: Hi, I'd like two dollars worth of gas.
Apu: Four-twenty.

Apu: Silly customer! You cannot hurt a Twinkie!

Apu: Oh, this time I have gone to far. No, no one will fall for--
Homer: Woohoo! Cheap meat!

Kent Brockman: We've come up with a camera so tiny it fits into this oversized novelty hat.

Homer: Stop being such babies. You can't be afraid to try new things. For instance, tonight I'm using a... Apu, what do you call this thing again?
Apu: A "napkin".
Homer: (laughs) Outrageous!

Grampa: Ah, there's an interesting story behind this nickel. In 1957, I remember it was, I got up in the morning and made myself a piece of toast. I set the toaster to three - medium brown.

Apu: There she is: the world's first convenience store!
Homer: This isn't very convenient.
Apu: Must you dump on everything we do?

Homer: Are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?
Master: Yes.
Homer: Really?
Master: Yes.
Homer: You?

Homer: Apu, if it'll make you feel any better, I've learned that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.

Apu: Oh, the searing kiss of hot lead, how I've missed you! I mean, I think I'm dying.

James Woods: Is it true you once worked 96 hours straight?
Apu: Oh, yes. It was horrible, I tell you. By the end, I thought I was a hummingbird of some kind.

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  • The license plate of the ambulamce reads SLIP.
  • The slogan of the Monstromart: ''Where Shopping Is A Baffling Ordeal.''
  • A sign in the world's first convenience store reads: ''The Master Knows All Except Combination To Safe.''
  • The Kwik-E-Mart does not accept checks or food stamps, however, there is a list of people not to accept cecks from, and food stamps can be seen in the till.
  • The Kwik-E-Mart does not accept checks from Chief Wiggum, Reverend Lovejoy, Homer J. Simpson, Homer S. Simpson, H. J. Simpson, Homor Simpson or Homer J. Fong.

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  • Kent Brockman's ''Bite Back'' show is similar to David Horowitz's ''Fight Back.''
  • The line ''No way man! Get yourself another patsy man!'' is from ''JFK.''
  • The scenes of Homer and Apu travelling parody ''Lawrence of Arabia.''

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