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E Pluribus Wiggum

E Pluribus Wiggum

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Springfield holds its primary election, but no one likes either of the candidates so the townspeople embrace a write-in: Ralph Wiggum.

Memorable quotes

Voiceover: Compassionate, tough, curious - these are all words that Ralph Wiggum doesn't know. But he doesn't need to know them, he lives them everyday.
Lenny: I'm voting Ralph for president, his easy smile makes me think everything is okay, even when I know it ain't.
Clinton: I'm voting for Ralph too, but don't tell you-know-who.
Voiceover: On November 4th, vote for the latest in the long line of great American leaders.
Ralph: I want a tricycle, and a dog who won't chew my hot wheels, and a brighter future for a American! I'm Ralph Wiggum and I've been a good boy!

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