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Day of the Jackanapes

Day of the Jackanapes

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When Krusty accidentally erases all the old tapes of his show, Sideshow Bob vows revenge on him for destroying his work, and so hypnotizes Bart.

Memorable quotes

Sideshow Bob: Ah the catwalk, the perfect view point... for revenge! (takes out a bag of potato chips) Ah, kettle chips, the perfect side dish... for revenge!

Gameshow host: Okay Moe, last week we asked you a question and you stalled for twenty minutes.
Moe: Yes, I was told to.

Gameshow: Here's your next question: Which of these is not a subatomic particle: a) proton b) neutron c) bon-bon d) electron.
Moe: Alright let's see, I was born in Indiana, so that ain't it.

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  • The episode title comes from "Day of the Jackal".
  • The plot comes from "The Manchurian Candidate", where brainwashed American soldiers attempt a Presidential assassination.
  • Bart walks through the schoolyard with creepy voices in his head, a parody of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films.
  • When the network executives are blown up, they reform from liquid metal like the T1000 terminator from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".

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