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Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

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Rumors about a takeover of the nuclear plant start to circulate, and the share proce skyrockets. However, Homer sold his shares early and lost out. Mr. Burns sells the Nuclear Power Plant to a group of Germans for one hundred million dollars. Homer loses his job as safety inspector, and becomes depressed. But when Mr. Burns goes to Moe's for a quick drink with Smithers, Homer tells Mr. Burns what he thinks of him. Realizing that he is no longer feared, he asks the Germans for the plant back. The Germans accept right away when they find out that it would take millions just to get it up to speed. Mr. Burns pays just fifty million dollars for the plant, and rehires Homer.

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  • The title of this episode is technically incorrect, it should be ''Burns Verkauft das Kraftwerk'' in proper German.
  • Homer runs the telephone cord through his sandwich.
  • The logo for Burns worldwide features a family holding hands around a mushroom cloud.
  • Marge used a calculator to multiply 52 by 100.
  • The tin of carrot cat food contains 88% ash, 12% carrots.
  • The license plates of the power plant employees include: LOADED, ME RICH, JACKPOT and BUY LOW.

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