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Bart vs. Australia

Bart vs. Australia

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Bart is forced to apologize to an Australian boy in person after placing a $900 collect call... but also receives an additional punishment.

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  • The newapaper headline reads: ''Rocket To Kick Comet's Tail''.
  • All the lights are on in the house when Bart leaves at 4:30 in the morning.
  • Two slingshots are thrown at Skinner's car when they're trying to bring the balloon down.
  • A sign on the side of the rocket reads: ''Caution! Aim Away From Face.''
  • The sign on the bridge says ''Only Bridge Out of Town,'' but when it blows up, it reads: ''Bridge Out''.
  • When everyone is inside the shelter, Wally (aka Waldo) from Where's Wally/Where's Waldo can be seen.
  • When everyone leaves the shelter and goes to the top of the hill, Apu appears yellow.
  • When Bart rings the phone for the internationall call company he dials 577562374257635623567462357736257635725.

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  • Bart getting up at four in the morning and riding his bike is similar to Back To The Future.
  • The koala bear gripping onto the bottom of the helicopter as the family depart is similar to the ending of Big Trouble in Little China (1984), music and all.

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