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Bart, the Mother

Bart, the Mother

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The Simpsons take a trip to a family fun center, where Nelson wins a BB gun. He invites Bart to come over and try it out sometime, but Marge dislikes the idea. Ignoring his mother, Bart goes to Nelson's where he accidentally shoots a bird. Marge finds out, and tells Bart she is giving up on him. Bart discovers that the bird left behind two eggs, and decides to look after them. When the eggs hatch, lizards emerge, and Bart takes them to a local bird watching society to find out why. Principal Skinner explains that they are Bolivian Tree Lizards who are making certain species of bird extinct and must be killed. Upset, Bart runs off with the lizards and the birdwatchers follow. A struggle on the roof leads to them being set free. However, they turns out to be a godsend when they decimate the pigeon population.

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  • The sign at the family fun centre reads: As Seen On "When Disaster Strikes 4".
  • Games in the arcade include "Pack Rat Returns", "Satan's Funhouse" and "Time Waster".
  • One of the prizes seen at the arcade is a "Kroon Along With Krusty" album, which appeared in Homie The Clown.
  • When Nelson fries his carrot, he hums the Simpsons theme tune.
  • Bart reads "Working Mother" magazine in his treehouse while waiting for the eggs to hatch.
  • The sign at the bird watching society reads: "Pecking Order Strictly Enforced".
  • Members of the society: Principal Skinner, Mrs. Krabappel, Apu, Moe, Jasper, Dr. Hibbert, Mr. Burns and Smithers.
  • The crate of donuts which the lizards came from (Producto de Bolivia) has a picture of a chef feeding donuts to a llama.
  • This marks the final appearance of Phil Hartman, who plays Troy McClure (in this episode) and Lionel Hutz.

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  • This episode's title and general plot are similar to an episode of the Andy Griffith Show.

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