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Bart the General

Bart the General

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Bart gets into a fight with Nelson, the school bully, for protecting Lisa's cupcakes. Nelson beats him up after school, and vows to continue to beat him up every day. Bart turns to Grampa, who takes him too see Herman, an army veteran who runs a military supplies store. Herman helps him build and train an army of kids in the neighborhood. Bart confronts Nelson, and unleashes his army, who pelt Nelson with water balloons. He is tied up and must sign a treaty, promising never to beat up kids again.

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  • Lisa refers to her teacher as "Mrs. Hoover" instead of "Miss Hoover."
  • Otto turns on his personal stereo after paying his respects to Bart.
  • On Herman's model of the town, he misspells the "Kwik-E-Mart" as "Quick-E-Mart."
  • Grampa even wears his slippers outside.
  • Janey is white in this episode.

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  • Much of this episode is based on ''Patton'', including the music.
  • The scene with Bart's army on the climbing frame with the sunset behind them parodies ''Full Metal Jacket''.

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